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The office

WKM Landscape architects has existed since 1992. It emerged from the office of Roland Weber in Düsseldorf.

Roland Weber, who died in October 1997, designed and created over 800 gardens in his 60-year career, including numerous grounds around detached houses, administrative and industrial buildings. He also performed tasks in the urban planning field. Some projects arose in cooperation with architects of worldwide acclaim, such as Helmut Hentrich, Egon Eiermann, Marcel Breuer, Philip Johnson and Richard Neutra. His work was published in numerous German and international publications.

A selection of his work was exhibited in Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf from November 1983 until January 1984. His book 'Roland Weber - Gärten Parks Gartenhöfe' (Garden Parks and Garden Courtyards) was published in 1983 by the publisher Hatje Verlag, Stuttgart and the advanced new edition 'Die Kunst des Gartens' (Garden Art) was likewise published in 1999 by Hatje Cantz Verlag, Stuttgart.

Before joining the partnership with Rolf Maas and Roland Weber in 1992, Klaus Klein worked at BBW+P (Bödecker, Boyer, Wagenfeld + Partner) in Düsseldorf and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and as a freelancer with Starfield Assiociates in Washington DC. Deserving a special mention here are the park and garden designs of Riyadh Public Park in Saudi Arabia and the diplomatic quarter also located there.

After working in other German planning offices Rolf Maas joined the Roland Weber office in 1978. Amongst others he was involved in project work for the main administrations of large concerns such as Mannesmann, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. Since 1989 he has been working as a publicly appointed and sworn expert. Furthermore, he is a member in the working group “Innenbegrünung der Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau” (FFL).

Rolf Maas
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Klaus Klein
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